BEN YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT in the larger Amsterdam area

Together, we ensure that your interests as a client are well taken care of!

BEN YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT in the larger Amsterdam area

Makelaarskantoor ­BEN is een fullservice makelaarskantoor met gecertificeerde, uiterst deskundige, betrokken, en bovenal enthousiaste makelaars. We have three certified real estate agents/valuers, who are supported by a highly professional office team.

Together, our team looks after your interests as our client.

We always adopt a personal approach when engaging in a business relationship; a relationship that goes beyond just providing assistance during a transaction. Each relationship is unique and requires a specific approach. This approach plus our sound knowledge of the market and our extensive network enable us to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Makelaarskantoor BEN specialises in the buying and selling of residential properties and the valuation of residential and commercial properties.

We also have extensive experience in rental properties and provide assistance for the letting and renting of properties.

Over the years, we have expanded our activities to include all the relevant services. For example, property auctions at the Amsterdam property auction (Eerste Amsterdamse Onroerend Goed Veiling) or providing assistance during an auction purchase. We also manage various Owners’ Associations and rented properties.

In 2016, Makelaarskantoor BEN (2007) and Van der Peijl Makelaars (1988) decided to join forces and continue as Makelaarskantoor BEN: a highly professional full-service real estate agent that offers a comprehensive range of real estate services

Makelaarskantoor BEN is at your service, providing you with the best advice, assistance and attention, based on our years of experience!

We look forward to having you as our client and to a successful relationship!

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