Together, we look after your interests as our client.

BEN, your real estate agent in the larger Amsterdam area, offers the following services:

  • buying and selling
  • renting and letting
  • property valuations and hybrid valuations (bureauwaarderingen)
  • auctions           

We also provide assistance and advice on property management and property partition issues.

We are a full-service real estate agent and therefore offer a comprehensive package of services,


We look forward to meeting you to determine how we can best be of service to you.

We are at your service

Buying and selling properties


Extensive search:
We are glad to provide you with every assistance during the purchase of your new home. Please contact our office for an appointment, free of obligation, during which we can discuss your wishes and the options available within the Amsterdam real estate market.
Each day, we will send you an overview of the properties available, based on your search criteria. These properties are selected from the NVM exchange system and our extensive network in Amsterdam. We arrange and assist you during the viewings. Once a property is found, we will analyse and investigate the relevant details, conduct the negotiations and provide you with support and assistance during the concluding of the sale contract and the execution of the deed of transfer by the civil-law notary.   In short, we assist you throughout the process, up to the moment you receive the key to your new home. This is the comprehensive (all-in??) purchase process.
We do not charge a standard brokerage fee. Each assignment is unique and we offer a tailor-made brokerage fee for each assignment.

One-off purchase assistance:
What if you have already found your new home and only need a real estate agent to assist you during the negotiation phase? Feel free to contact us, Makelaarskantoor BEN will gladly help you. We will view the property in question once and collect all the necessary information, draw up our advice and discuss the proposed negotiation strategy with you.
The brokerage fee for this service is less than for the comprehensive (all-in??) purchase process.

Wish to know more? Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment for the sale of your property, free of obligation.


Selling instruction:
Are you looking to move and sell your home? Contact our office for a sales advice, free of obligation. We will view and assess the property and discuss your wishes.  After our visit, we draw up a tailor-made sales advice, including the asking price, the expected proceeds and the sales strategy. A good presentation is paramount for the sale of your property. Our photos are made by a photographer who makes professional photographs, 360 degrees images and a film. The property is measured to the smallest detail to create the 2D and 3D layouts and to comply with the NEN2580 measurement instructions. Once the property is offered for sale, it is listed in the main NVM exchange system and published on the websites of Funda, MVA and Makelaarskantoor BEN, as well as on social media. We arrange the viewings, provide advice, enter into the negotiations and go to the civil-law notary to arrange the sale contract and the deed of transfer.  We will achieve the best possible sales transaction for you.
We do not charge a standard brokerage fee. Each assignment is unique and we offer a tailor-made brokerage fee for each assignment.

Wish to know more? Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment for the sale of your property, free of obligation.


Renting and letting of properties


Makelaarskantoor BEN regularly lets private sector properties on behalf of large professional organisations or private clients. Makelaarskantoor BEN is well-versed on all the necessary regulations and the requesting of a rental permit pursuant to the Dutch Vacant Property Act.  

The letting procedure starts by assessing the property and establishing the realistic rental price of the property. We subsequently determine the wishes of our client. The property is professionally photographed and a text is drawn up for the rental. We list the rental property in the NVM exchange system and publish the property on Funda and Pararius, the largest rental website in the Netherlands which predominantly focuses on expats. In addition to arranging the viewings and negotiations, we draw up the rental agreements and take care of the final inspection.

Our brokerage fee amounts to 1 months’ rent excluding VAT. This fee does not include the professional photography and the English translation, if applicable. Our rental engagements are entering into on an exclusive basis.

Makelaarskantoor BEN can monitor the NVM exchange system and Pararius on your behalf in order to find interesting properties for you. We assist you during your search for the ideal home, accompany you during the viewings and conduct the negotiations. We also provide additional advice on, for example, the location, (international) schools and public transport.

Property valuations


We are a certified valuer and listed in the NRVT register.

We regularly conduct NWWI-validated valuations for major clients and private clients.
In addition to conducting regular (NWWI) valuations for mortgage applications, we specialise in valuations for special management, tax purposes, court valuations and land valuations within the framework of a review procedure. We also conduct hybrid valuations (bureauwaarderingen).

Please feel free to contact us if you wish receive further information.

Property auctions


 Makelaarskantoor BEN has extensive experience with the Amsterdam property auction house: Eerste Amsterdamse Onroerend Goed Veiling (EAOGV),

We regularly arrange large property auctions for various banks and assist commercial and private buyers at the auction. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about buying or selling at the EAOGV; we will be glad to assist you. 

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